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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My Hair History ...

Hi everyone!!!!

I've seen this taggy thing going around the blog world for a while now and, as you'll see i've had a very interesting hair history so thought i'd show you all!!!!!

Here goes...

1 - Aged 1 and all natural and blonde!
2 - Aged 7, still natural and blonde but getting darker!!!
3 - Aged 14, a bit darker and cut into a weird bob.
4 - Aged 15 a grown out bob with blonde highlights!

5 - Aged 16 and having discovered the bleech!!!
6 - Aged 18, in a musical and having found the purple hair dye! Thats not the first time youll see a fringe!!!
7 - Aged 18 still, but i've fallen back in love with the bleech, this time i'm platinum!
8 - Aged 19 and you can see how badly damaged my hair was, still bleeching every 4 weeks!!
9 - About 4 months after the previous photo, so still 19, but iv had a nice side fringe and bob with a lovely colour (i wanna be this colour again!!)

10 - Aged 19, only about 6 months after last pic, fringe is back and a lovely honey blonde had arrived!!
11 - Aged 20 - The bleech is creeping it's way back into my life!!!
12 - Aged 20 again, and the bleech is totally back!!!!!! White and the fringe has grown back!!!!
13 - Aged 21 - White with black and blue under my fringe, this marks the start of a colour phase ... Get ready!!!

14 - Aged 21 - Pink and white...
15 - Aged 21, Turqoise and white...
16 - Aged 21 fluro pink
17 - Aged 21 back to the bleech!!!

All of those are abut a month if not less apart!!!!!

18 - This is where the lovely Rhian took control ... Aged 22 and it's all been chopped off!!!
19 - Abut 4 months later, its a bit lighter, but still short!
20 - Aged 22 still and its abit shorter and some red has arrived!!
21 - Aged 22 again and i've decided to grow it all out... and dye it dark.

22 - Only just tuned 23 and my hair has grown out and the fringe is back!!
23 - Grown the fringe out still aged 23, getting bored of the colour so got some red put into it!
24 - Almost 24 and my hair in all its natural style glory; wavy! Still dark and getting to a length where i like it!!!
25 - This was about 2 days ago, aged24. Hair still dark and the longest its been for about 5 years!!!

And this is me now!!! I had this hair cut yesterday, thanks to Rhian! I've now got some nice layers and a  lovely side sweeping fringe!

The colour is still darker than i'd like, and i want to be back to the same colour as picture 9 or 19.

You can see that it's so much healthier and shiny now than it's ever been!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

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