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Thursday, 3 May 2012

My Current Lush Stash!

It's no secret that i'm a huge Lush Lover!!!!
I admit it ... i'm slightly obsessed!!!!
So much so, that my local Lush staff call me "One of them" ha!

Anyway ... i suddenly realised the other day that HORROR .... i had NO lush stuff.... at all....
Eager to rectify it, i ran out and bought myself some more stuff ...

This isn't going to be a "review all my lush stuff" post and it's also not a "look at what i've got" post ...if you want reviews on anything mentioned, let me know!!

First i'll show you how i store it all.. not very exciting ....

... It's literally all kept in a box i received an online order in. Ha!!!
If anyone else has any tips for me, let me know!!

Right .... First i'll show you my Soaps collection ...

Once i'v opened my soaps, i wrap them in clingfilm ..

(L-R) Candy Cane soap -Left over from xmas, but i love the smell!!
         Retro Milko soap - Smells just like marzipan!!!
         Porridge soap - My fav Lush soap by far. SO moisturising and creamy, and the smell!! Wow <3
         Karma Komba Shampoo Bar - To be honest i'm keeping this for when im travelling. It's very         good but not for long term, every day use.
         Snow Cake soap - Again from Xmas.
         Brand new Porridge slab!! Cant wait!! hahaha!!

Next i'll talk about my bath bomb/bubble bar collection ...

(Top row, L-R) 
Dorothy Bubble Bar - Such a nice relaxing smell, and it makes the water such a nice color!
Half a Hot Milk bubble bar - From the retro range, smells very Clean.
Space Girl bath bomb - Smells like parma violets! I always buy some of these!!
Think Pink bath bomb - Another cheap one i usually have a few of, smells very sweet and floral.
(Bottom row, L-R)
Candy Cane bubble bar - Smells like Snow Fairy (bubblegummy) and filled with big slathers of cocoa butter which make the water so soft!!
Ickle Robet bath bomb - Good for bed time as its lavendery and relaxing!
Pop In The Bath bubble bar - Fav bubble bar by a mile. Such a nice clean fresh smell.

Lastly is everything else, mainly potted stuff ...

The first pot with no label on is a pot of the Catastrophe Cosmetic facemask which was made by MY FAIR HANDS!!!!!! At a facemask workshop (blog post on that can be found here if your interested!) Anyway, its very good and can make my skin feel REALLY clean!!
Next along is the Ayesha face mask, which is meant for older ladies but it really shrinks your pores so i use it for that (Thanks Tez!!!).
The last face mask i own is the Oatifix one which smells SO good, and really moisturises my face; this worked wonders ad kept my skin look human over winter!!!

Then at the top there is the Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, which smells like Rose Jam. My boyfriend bought me this <3
Then i've got a little bit of the Jilted Elf shower jelly left over from Xmas;
Lastly i'v got the Turkish Delight shower Smoothie - I've used this once, and so far so good!!

As i said, if you want full detailed reviews on any of the products mentioned, let me know and i'll be happy to!!

As always, thanks for reading!


  1. Good old Tes! She knows her Lush :)
    Love looking at people's lushie collections. Isn't Ro's Argan amazing?

  2. I love Lush so much I lose it with all their bath bars!
    Boutique Bag Lady

  3. Ooh sounds really good. I’m in need of a new beauty spree, might have to go to lush and look out for it! Xx