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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Review - Lush 'Fairy Jasmine' bath bomb....

Well i've not been here for a while, but i'm back!!!!
And with a review, none the less!!!!!

Lush' Fairy Jasmine Bath bomb, from the Retro range (you can buy it here for £3.95)

Its a big one (about the size of Twilight, or a large orange) ... its a lovely off white/pinky color that my camera has failed to pick up. It's also got some light irridescent pinky/blue glitter on the top.
It smells of, surprise.... jasmine!! But its also got a coconutty undertone which is very relaxing.

I dropped it into the bath thinking it was gunna be lovely... but THIS is what happened ...

.... Literally MASSIVE globs of glitter, everywhere.

Which, if your louise from Spinkle Of Glitter is all well and good, but me? Not so much.

I got out of the bath looking like a glitter ball...

It was awful!!!

To the point where it was itching my skin, so i got out of the bath to be left with this ...


And to top it off... it fizzed for less than a minute and was gone.

It did nothing to the bath water apart make it look bloody ridiculous and itchy.


Lush, you have done me wrong!
Thanks for reading...

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  1. Thats awful, I knew there was a reason why I never pick up the glitter ones ha x