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Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Hi everyone!!!

So... just a quick one to say that iv got a nice review coming for you soon on some Guerlain stuff ....
For those who don't know, Guerlain is a high end beauty brand specialising in make up, fragrance and skin care. They invented the first lipstick, bronzer and foundation and are a French company!!!
When i say high end.... i mean high end, most of their stuff is very expensive, but i got some samples from my friend at my local counter so ill be reviewing the following things in the up and coming weeks ....

- Le Noir Mascara
- Secret De Purete Cleansing Gel
- Parure Fluid Extreme Matte liquid foundation
- Midnight Star Extraordinary Radience Treatment
- Shalimar perfume

So, have a look on the Guerlain website and see what those products are about, and keep an eye out for my up and coming reviews ....

Thanks for reading ...

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