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Monday, 30 April 2012

April Favorites...

Hi everyone!!!!
So i come bearing favorites of the April variety!
I wont blabber on; so here goes!!

-Burts Bees body lotion
- The Body Shop tea tree oil
- MUA heaven and earth palette
- Real Techniques buffing brush
- M&S Dreamy Days perfume
- Avon Flawless Finish foundation
- Lush Mint Julips lip scrub

First, i'll talk about the Burts Bee's lotion ...

I always try and go for Burts Bees lotions as the texture works really well for my exzcema. They cost around £10, and i usually buy the Milk and Honey one in the sale for half off! But not this time!!! I went along to the Burt's Bees website with debit card in hand, added it to my basket as usual but decided to have a peruse of the website before checking out; BOY am i glad i did!!!
I came across this beauty; basically it's a "Grab Bag". You pay £20 for a random selection of products worth £55. The website says that the bag contains 12 items, four of which are full sized and one of those gauranteed to be the milk and honey lotion as well as an assortment of minitures and special gifts. I was sold!!!!!!!!
I placed my order and was SO happy when it arrived, i gt tons of stuff (comment if you want a full review); as promised one of the full sized products was the milk and honey but the one of the others was this version.... the Orange Wax and Honey scent. It so thick initially, but when it gets rubbed in it turns into a film which is so nice, and the scent REALLY stays on your skin. I think i'll defo be getting another of these .... i recommend you go to Burt's Bees and pick up one of those Grab Bags as they are BRILLIANT!!!

Next up is the Tree Tree Oil...

Iv been suffering with spots for ages and tried countless remedies. So i popped along to the Body Shop and bought this!!! It cost £6.50 and it's a really thick oil which you just dab onto the spots.... and i'v got to say i'm impressed!!! It's really helped with the redness and the healing time of my spots. You can buy it here  and i'd really recommend it if your struggling with spots.

Next i'll talk about the Real Techniques Buffing Brush ...

I've wanted some RT brushes for a while, and i recently bit the bullet and bought the Core Collection from Boots and this is my favorite brush from the set. I admit i did think it was going to be bigger; but it is big enough. its flat and dense and buffs everything from powder to liquid to mouse to cream. I also happen to love the big thick handle!! The only downside is that you can;t buy this brush on it's own, only as part of the core collection, which you can buy here for £21.99, i love 3 of the brushes in the set so i think it's worth it if i'm honest. If you want my full opinions of the set, just leave me a comment and let me know!!

Next is the M&S perfume ...

This is the 'Dreamy Days' one and its the middle size, not tiny and not massive; just right or throwing in your bag for a day. It cost me £6.00 and it smells SO GOOD!!!! It's quite like the original DKNY be delicious scent... very sweet but not overpowering and its very long lasting!!

Lush' lip scrub is up next ...

I've been putting buying this off for ages, god knows why ... but i finally bought it and it's changed my life!!! haha!!! It costs £4.95 and is basically a pot of sugar and oils that tastes like an after eight mint and its worked wonders!!! I use it every morning and every night, and my lips are so much smoother now.  You just dab your finger in the pot, rub it on your lips and rub them together then you can lick off the sugar as its edible!! It's brilliant!!!
Buy it here ... NOW!!!

This MUA palette is next ...

This palette is talked about all over the blogging land ... so i won't harp on. But i will say a few things...

- it's SO pigmented, just look at my hand with the swatches!!!

- i've got the most use out of the off white in the top left corner... not as an eyeshadow, but as a cheek/brow bone and inner corner highlight. Really!!

The best bit is that you can buy it here for ..... get ready....



Last thing is the foundation...

I think i may have finally found the perfect foundation!!! And from little old Avon ... who'da thought it!!!

This little beauty costs £12.00 from here and its a medium to full coverage which is buildable and mine lasts me through a 12 hour shift in a hospital ward, so its goooooooooooood!!!!

As always, if you want full reviews of anything iv mentioned, let me know!!

Thanks for reading ...

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