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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Whats in my travel make up bag ...

Hi everyone!!
This will be a quick post i think;

Whats in my travel make up bag?!

So im only going to talk about what i take when i stay over at my boyfriends house; i keep some stuff at his as we've been together for a long time. So stuff like deoderant, perfume, toothbrush, hair brush, shower stuff etc are already at his house, so this is just extras!!!

This is the bag i take it all in ...

It cost me £1.50 and is from Primark ... i LOVE it as its got two seperate large zip pockets, that fold together and close against each other with a press stud .... it hold loads!!!

The top pouch has this in it ...

- 'Witch' clean away cleanser
 - 'Renu' face mask (sample) ... I always take a little face mask just incase my skin has a wobble!!
-'Palmers' light facial moisturiser
-'Super Drug' dry shampoo
- Cotton pads
- Cotton swabs

And the make up bit ...

- Couple of hair ties and bobby pins
- Large QVS face brush (use this for powder, bronzer and blusher! Easier than carrying like 3 brushes)
- ELF powder brush to apply foundation
- Sample of Wake Me Up Foundation (i usually take any samples i have when in travelling as bottles take up too much space!)
- Sample of the Lush Ro's Argan body conditioner (i use it as a hair smoother)
- Natural Collection pressed powder (currently on my project pan!! not much of it left!!!)
- Natural Collection blusher
- MUA Bronzer (also in my project pan!)
- MUA liquid eyeliner
- Barry M Lip gloss
- Barry M Kohl pencil eyeliner
- MUA white eyeliner
- MUA dark brown eyebrow pencil
- Clinique High Impact Mascara
- Pot of Vaseline Creme Brulee

I also take tablets (my prescription ones, and some pain relief), but i take those in a little cosmetic bag from Boots.

So thats it!!!

Everything I take when i travel .... <3

Thanks for reading guys ...


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  1. Your make up bag is super cute, gotta love Primark!! I also use witch which works well on my skin I must say. Nice post hun.

    I am now following you. please have a look at my blog comment, and follow back I'd really appreciate it!! :) xx