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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Review - Mac 'Studio Fix' Foundation ...

Hi everyone!!! 

First I want to apologise for being RUBBISH over the past week ... i'v started my new job working 12 hour shifts, so i'v not had a minute to myself .... but thought i'd do a quick few today ... anyway!!!!

About 2 weeks ago, I got colour matched at MAC, and came away with two samples of the Studio Fix Fluid foundation (FYI - NC20/NC25) as she wasn't 100% on the colour ...  

So thats the little sample of NC20 which i've found is the better match for me ...
On initial reaction, i LOVED this .... it glides on, and a little goes a LONG way and i put mine on at 5am before work and when i got home at 9pm it was still firmly in place and my face didn't look like a huge greaseball!!!!

This is a before and after ...

Left is no makeup, right is just the MAC studio fix. No concealer or anything ... 

As you can see it covers my spots and stuff really well. 

My only issue with this ...


I wore it for a couple of days and came out in the most horrible big sore spots, so i topped and they went away ... I decided to test it again, and it happened again.

I've seen alot of bloggers have the same complaint as me, but then again i'v seen some people have no issues what so ever!!!!

My suggestion would be, before you commit to spending £19.50 on this ... go to your local MAC counter and get matched and some samples as it's not for everyones skin type... 

Thanks for reading!!!


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  1. I am sorry you broke out! This is my favourite foundation :( Before you take it back (if you are) try a primer under neither, which will stop most of the product sinking in to your pore etc and hopefully stop the spots! xx