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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

"Project Pan" - update ...

Hi everyone!!!

So as you all may, or may not know ... i'm currently on a bit of a mission ...
I've got a bit of a habit/routine of getting about 3/4 of the way through things, then getting new ones and never really using up the rest of it!!! So iv made it my mission to get through all of those bits of beauty products iv got left.

I keep a plastic storage box on my window cill, and iv been throwing in any stuff that i empty as and when ... i started about two weeks ago and here is what iv got so far !

... as you can see im doing pretty damn well!!

First up ... skin care ...

(L-R; Breath Of Fresh Air toner from Lush, Cupcake face mask from Lush and Clean and Clear advantage spot treatment.)

The toner was great, but im not sure if i'd get it again, only because i dont really see a benefit of toner when i use it on my skin .... the facemask was great so i think ill get this one as my free one when i take back my empty pots. As for the spot treatment, i dont think i'd get that again either as it really dried out my skin. Horrid!

Next up is hair care ...

(L-R; R&B hair moisturiser from Lush, Batiste Diva dry shampoo, Superdrug Chocolate Brownie dry shampoo, Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly shampoo.)

The Lush hair moisturiser will be a defo re-purchase, it lasts ages!!!! My hair is naturally horrible wavy, and this really helped it have the "beach wave" look. Im not keen on the batiste dry shampoo, i think its horribly over priced and this one smells like plastic. The superdrug one however, i LOVE!! Its made for dark hair, and it just happens to match the colour of my hair perfectly (especially great for when, like now my hair needs dying and iv got a bit of root growth!!) it smells a bit like a powdery cocoa and it really does the job, i recently got two of these for £1.50! The shampoo i'll get again if its on offer, i didn't notice a big difference if im honest ... also, does anyone else always finish their shampoo before conditioner, or is it just me?!

Next is skin care ...

(L-R; Avon Far Away body spray, Sure deoderant, Lush Karma Kreme, Garnier intensive moisturiser, Mitchum roll on deodarent and an Impulse body spray)

Out of all of these, there are only three things that i'd actively go and re purchase. First is the Garnier Moisturiser... i got the cocoa butter one on impulse when it first came out and was on offer; i never really gave it a chance, but im glad i found it again! Its so good, really thick and i really noticed a difference in my skin. I used this at night. Next is the one i use in morning, and its the Lush Karma Kreme .... oh, my, days! Its a spicy orangey smell, and its really light so is good to slap on in the morning. The last is the mitchum deoderant... its the only roll on iv found that actually works!

Last is the misc. stuff ...

(L-R; Charlie Red perfume, Inecto coconut hand and nail cream, 2 nail polish removers, an Avon Vanilla travel perfume and some soft mint Listerene.)

These bottles of the charlie perfumes are dead cheap, and the 'Red' one is the only one i actually like, there also massive!!! Iv had this one since last Christmas (2010!!) and only just used the last of it!!! I like the fact i can use it for work as its not too expensive, i'll defo be repurchasing! The hand cream was also a bargain at 99p from my local Savers ... it's been floating around in my handbag for months, its nothing special but does the job... not a repurchase though i dont think. Ill always need more nail polish remover, dont care what make or where its from! As for the little travel perfume from Avon ... iv honestly got about 6 or 7 of these in different scents (berry vanilla/vanilla etc) and there all like half way through, so i wont repurchase for now, but i will when there all gone .. there great to throw in your bag for a night out!

So there you have it .... my progress so far!!! I've not managed to totally finish any make up products yet, but i'm trying damn hard and am not far off with some powders ...

Is anyone else trying this?! I'd love to see your results, so post a link down below ...

Thanks for reading...



  1. Hey I just tagged you in my post of 11 questions, I hope you do it!



  2. Usually my mom just throughs away whatever she wants.. oh well
    Thanx for the huge review on so many products! It's actually really helpful!

  3. I haven't tried many Lush products but after reading this I might purchase a few bits and bobs. Thanks for posting x