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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

What was in my bath today ... ?!

Hi everyone!!!
Little bit of info about me... im OBSESSED with baths!!
I have one ... every.single.day.
Honestly ... obsessed.


Anyway .. I thought i could utilise my love of baths, and like some posts do an outfit of the day (and as you will know, im not a fashion lover) i thought i could do a Bath Of The Day !!! I use different things in my bath every time so it wont get boring!!! Ill do about 2 a week maybe ?! Let me know!!

Anyway, todays bath was filled with ......

Lush' Comforter Bubble Bar (£4.15 for 200g) and then I used the Soap and Glory Clean on Me shower gel/body wash (£5.11 for 500ml) ... to, well wash myself with!!

Anyway.. The comforter!
Expensive? Yes.
Worth it? Definately!!!! This comes in a big slab which is about an inch thick and about 6 inches length. I break mine into little chunks (about inch sized pieces) which is enough for one bath, and as a result the bubble bar lasts for about 5/6 baths, great value! The smell of this is divine .. like a really sweet blackcurrent jam! Makes the water really soft and (not surprisingly) comforting!

Here are some pics of how it looked  .. Basically, you just crumble it under running water ... like so ....
 And a one inch piece makes this amount of bubbles in a run bath ...

LOADS!! And makes the water nice and pink .. Very girly!! Maybe one of my fav lush bubble bars!!

To wash myself, I used the soap and glory clean on me ...

Its got a built in body lotion, and is scented with the original pink soap and glory scent (bergamont/madarin). This foams up really well (i use it with a shower puff thing!) ... and its got a pump dispenser, which minimises waste!! I used two pumps onto the wet puff, and that was enough for my whole body!!

I've put a bit on my hand on the picture below so you can see how thick it is!!! Really lovely, and luxurious :)

Anyway .. Thanks, once again for reading!!
Let me know if you want more of these posts, and let me know what you use in your bath!!

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