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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Todays Bath!

Hey everyone!!!
So, here was everything I used in my bath today!!!
I just wanna say that my boyfriend has leant me his camera to take pics/clips with for the blog, so hopefully the pictures will be of a better quality from now on .... THANKS PEEJ!!!!

So .. to make my bath all bubbly, i used a Christmas Special bubble bar slice from Lush, and it was Three Gold Rings. Im not gunna rave too much, as its not available now, but it smells of Creme Anglais and is a really rich smell. Anyway ... a lot of people have asked me "how the heck do you use those bars?!" So, in answer to you all ...

So thats that ....

Next, I wacked on a a face mask from that brand that everyone has but no1 can pronounce ..

But it's THAT ^^ one and I got it in the "Mud Masque" variety, which is supposed to draw out impurities! It cost me £1 from Boots, and i always get about 3/4 applications from one sachet ...
HA! Its actually a pale blue colour, and smells very herbal and very clean! It dries really quickly ... i left mine on for about 20 mins, and washed it off, and my skin was left SO soft and felt REALLY clean!!!

Next thing is hair stuff ... As you know, I get the Little Beauty Box from Latest in Beauty ... my mum ordered one, and i got most of the stuff in it (thanks mum!!!) but in both mine, and mums box were sample sachets of some Nicky Clarke shampoo and conditioner ... (you can see the review of my last one HERE)
The one I had was the volume one, and i wasnt a huge fan ... but this one! WOW! It's the moisture one, and it contains Moringa Oil (like argan oil) and as a result it smells SO much better than the sage and onion stuffing scent to the other one! It smells a bit floral, but definately smells clean and fresh and a bit jasminey.   The shampoo has a thick consistency and is a clearish colour, and lathers up really well ... normal i'd say, nothing special. But it's the conditioner that really sticks out for me .... its thin, but not runny and has an almost satin feel. Now my hair has dried, the ends are SO soft and dont feel brittle at all, or tangled or anything. SO GOOD!!!! BUT ... its £16 a bottle .... hmph!!!

For "de-fuzzing" i used the following ...
 Its the gilette venus razor (which costs £12 for a set of 4 replacement razors, or like £3.00 for the whole handle and two razors .... seriously .... what the hell?!). Anyway .. its a standard razor. The shaving gel is also by Gilette and it's the Satin Care one in apricot and it smells SO good!!! Exactly like those muller corner yogurts ... yummy!!! It cost about £2.00.

Finally was my exfoliator and my shower gel ...
I've done reviews on them so won't prattle on ...
The Exfoliator one can be found HERE and the shower gel one can be found HERE

As always, thanks for reading!!!

What did you use in your baths?!


  1. I really fancy a bath now!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxx

  2. Hahahahah that pic of u with the face mask on is hilarioso!!! xxxx

  3. Your bath post are great! I love Lush and bath stuff in general :D xxx

    1. Aw thanks love!!!!!! Love lush!!! Iv got a huge drawer full of stuff for the bath ... maybe i'll do a post on that soon?! xx