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Sunday, 19 February 2012

TAG : Beauty Q&A ...

Hi everyone!!!!
So, i've had a pretty boring Sunday catching up on blogs and drinking copius amounts of tea!!
On my way around the blog-asphere i've seen a couple of interesting tags which i fancied doing ...

Here is the first one!!!

1) How many times a day do you wash your face? Twice a day ...with a foaming gel wash/cleanser. At the moment its Palmers.
2) What is your skin type? I've got an oily t-zone, but dry patches in my chin and cheeks ... bizarre really!!!
3) Whats your current facial routine? Im currently trialing some products for Palmers ... so it's a gel cleansing wash twice a day, light moisturiser in the morning and night cream and eye cream before bed. And then I use the exfoliator twice a week. So far, so good!!
4) Is it important to moisturise? I think it is ... personally!
5) How often to you moisturise your face? Twice a day.
6) What foundation do you use? For day to day its 17 BB cream, but for night time its Maybelline 24 hr superstay.
7) How about concealer? Its a mix between Miss Sporty and Avon.
8) What do you think about false eye lashes? Well, i've been dancing since I was 11 so there a big part of performing ... more of a neccesesity for me. I dont wear them day to day, but i do wear them occasionally for a big night out.
9) Did you know that your meant to change your mascara every 3 months after opening? Yes i did!!!! (Although i dont always!!!)
10) What mascara brand do you use? It's AVON supershock, all the way!!!
11) What tools do you use in make up application? Oh god, iv got too many to remember ... foundation is the ELF powder brush, iv also got two concealer ones from primark. Then a kabuki from QVS, and some random ones for my eyes.
12) Do you use primer on your eyes? Not a primer as such, but iv got a Gosh creaseless and waterproof shadow stick in Nude that i use as a base.
13) Fav eyeshadows? Iv got a pro mini palette from ELF which i use everyday, and for night time and special occasions i've got a Clinique duo in Plum Seduction which i LOVE for smokey eyes!!
14) Do you line your eyes? Depends on what im doing ... some days i do a wing, others i dont. Most days though, i do line my water line (upper and lower).
15) Pencil or Liquid? Both! Liquid for wings, pencil for waterlines.
16) Favourite lipstick? Erm ... as a brand i'd say Rimmel or Natural Collection.
17) And lipgloss? Barry M or MUA.
18) What blush do you use? I go between a few ... at the moment i'm using Natural Collection in Peach Melba. I do use MUA in shade 2 and also Elf in Coral aswell though.
19) Do you buy make up on ebay? Erm .. i try, but i never win!!! I bidded on a Sleek bundle the other day but didn't win!!! BOOOOOOOO!
20) Do you like drug store make up? Yes!! If youv got the money to buy expensive stuff, then all power to ya! But if not, then drug store brands are getter better and better in my opinion. MUA and NYC are favs.

Hope this didn't bore you too much!!! I'm going to to another one soon...

Thanks for reading!!!


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