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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Small Lush Haul/Half review...

Hi guys!!! Not blogged for a while .... I've been reading some other blogs and watching some vlogs to get inspiration for mine (I'll link my current favs at the bottom of this post!)

So, yesterday I went to Lush for a look around and ended up getting a few things.
So i ended up getting a Fizz Banger ballistic (£3.15), a You've Been Mangoed bath melt (£2.95), Flying Fox Shower Gel (£4.50 per 100g) and i got some samples of some toothy tabs!! So thats what I bought, and i've already used two of them so I thought i'd do a quick review!!!

First I used the Fizzbanger Bath Ballistic ...

It's pricey at £3.15 (the higher end of their price range) but it's a good one!!! The outside is a light yellow and smells of really crisp apple, it'll slowly fizz away (this is the new formula) leaving a soft foam on the top, then when it finally starts to get to the middle it spurts out a bright blue color making the bomb fizz around really fast ... not only that, but when the color changes so does the smell!! As soon as the blue appears, it starts to smell of burnt caramel which means the whole bathroom ends up smelling of a toffee apple or an apple pie ... SO good, and comforting and warming!!! It makes the water REALLY soft and has two little surprises in it!! Firstly, t you pop your head under the water ... it POPS (not your head ....) ... as its got popping candy in it!! And secondly, when it gets to the end (which is about 20 mins in total for it all to fizz away) your left with a little bit of paper that says "BANG" on it which just adds to the whole experience!! I've popped two short videos of the effects below, but if you want a full video demo, head over HERE and youll find one there!!!

^^^^^^^^^^ This first short vid is about 5 mins into the bomb ...

^^^^^^^^ The second video is about 10 mins in ...

At the end, the water is a clear bright teal color and like I said, it's really soft. 
I personally think its well worth the money !!!

The second thing I used today was the "Flying Fox" shower gel ...

This one is also expensive at £4.50 for the smallest bottle. This one claims to calm and battle PMS with honey and jasmine ....
In the shop, this smelt bloody awful (like a huge pot of unsweetened honey), then the sales girl put some on her arm and it smelt LOVELY!!! So i got it home and smelt it again and it smelt totally different ... so i;d highly recommend a little demo instore to get the full smell ... Iv decided its got a really slight undertone of Honey but the primary scent is a soft floral one .... it's SO calming and comforting. Really nice!!
Its quite a thin consistency, but a little goes a long way .... i've used mine once and this is how much i used for my whole body and my hair ...

... So i can see this lasting me a while!!! As for controlling PMS, i didn't notice a difference, but like I said it is very calming so if your angry or het up, then maybe you could use a little splodge (great word!) as bubble bath??! As a shower gel, even though its thin it's not drying at all and the scent really stays on your skin. However, as a shampoo its a big drying initially and when you wash it out my hair felt a little tangled, but after conditioner its left it shiney and smelling GORGEOUS!!! I keep getting whafts (another great word!) of it when I move my head!!!

The other things I got from Lush, I will review when i've used them ... Im particularly intrigued by the toothy tabs; Has anyone else tried them?! What did YOU think?? 

Anyway ... Off I pop, but before I do I'm going to link some of my favourite blogs of the moment ...

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Thanks for reading!!!

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