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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Review - Latest In Beauty "Little Beauty Box"

Hi guys!!!!!
So, im new to this "Beauty Box" malarky and I cant justify spending £13 on something I don't know if i'll be able to use or not. So with this mind I went trawling the internet in search of a cheaper alternative, and I came across this little marvel ..... Latest In Beauty
Basically, you go to the website to sign up, and in the process of doing so you fill in a small beauty profile. From that, the website gives you product options (skin care/body care/hair care/make up) to try (pretty much like any other beauty box, right?! WRONG!!!) Basically, you choose three products and then you send them a text which will cost you £1.50 and theyll send you samples of your chosen products .... FOR £1.50!!!!!!! And it fits through your letter box!!!
The products are REALLY high end, so i thought the samples would be really small ... but read on for my review of my first box and you'll see that it's not the case!!!! From the website, you can also purchase full sized "travel" products and they even do a proper beauty box for just £6.95!!! Seriously .... check them out!!!!

Anyway, on to the review ...

So this is what the box looked like on the outside .... It's a bright pink cardboard box with the logo on the front, and it fits straight through your letter box ... GREAT!
Yes i know you cant reuse them like glossy box of joliebox, but frankly ... i don't care!!!!!

Anyhoo .... this is what it looked like when i opened it ...

First, I wanna say how shocked I was at how much Sample they sent me!!!!
I got 3 products to sample, but they also chucked in a sample of Hugo Boss for men (like the ones you get in magazines) which i thought was nice of them!!

On to the reviews ...

Firstly, I got the Crabtree and Evelyn 'Lily' body lotion ... 

They sent me TWO 5ml sachets, I was only expecting one sachet so this was a nice surprise!
I've just used one sachet, and there was enough in it to do my arms/chest/legs ... so there is loads in there!!!
This smells... DIVINE! Really nice subtly scent of Lilys initially, but now its settled in its left a really nice musky smell; it's also a really nice, thick consistency. The only issue I had was that it didnt sink in straight away, and kind of rubbed off (almost like when youv had a sun burn and your peeling ... really weird) ... Although it's sunk in now, and has left my skin VERY soft.
You can buy a full sized bottle (245ml) HERE for £16.00 (expensive!!!)

Next, I got the Nicky Clarke Volume Shampoo and Conditioner ...

Again, I was only expecting one sachet of each, but i ended up getting two 10ml sachets of Shampoo, and two 10ml sachets of Conditioner.
There quite big, but if you have hair longer then about shoulder length then youll need both sachets for one wash... My hair is only just below my shoulders so I've still got a sachet of each left. 
It's apparently got Ylang Ylang and Sage ... when I first put it on, all i could smell was Sage, which meant it smelled very herbal which isn't my thing at all (honestly... it ended up smelling a bit like that stuffing you get with your Roast dinner ... Weird!!!) but now i've dried it, it does smell girly and bit floral which it nicer than stuffing!!! hahaaa ... The roots of my hair definately seem to be more uplifted, so im impressed!!!!
You can buy the full sized (300ml) shampoo HERE for £13.00 and the full sized (300ml) conditioner HERE for £16.00. It's very expensive considering you can buy Herbal Essences which does the same thing!!

The last thing I got was the Elemental Herbology Face Trio (Cool and Clear Facial Cleanser, Facial Glow Radiance Peel & Facial Hydrator)... 

So, I have one sample of each of the things mentioned above; all of them are 3ml sachets, which seem small but they go a long way!!! 
So far iv only tried the Facial Hydrator ... and oh my word it is brilliant!!!! I've got LOADS left in the sachet, enough to last me the week which is great, and its thick but not sticky, but also light aswell?! Has a really nice subtle fresh smell which is lovely and my skin feels SO smooth and clean and moisturised!! 
The downside to this?! It costs £40 for a 50ml pot from HERE which is just stupid!!! The Mask is also £39 (HERE) for a 50ml pot and the cleanser is £29 (HERE) for a 100ml bottle. 

All in all, you get very high end products which are nice to try, so i LOVE Latest in beauty!!!!!


  1. this is such a good idea! i've never bothered trying a beauty box before because they're all so expensive and might contain stuff i'd never even use. will have to check this out, especially as it's only £1.50! :)

    1. They are brilliant!!!!!!! And like i said, they do full sized beauty boxes too, for only £6.95 which is still cheaper then the others!!!! Also, Carmine are doing a "First box for a fiver"! offer at the moment .... Google 'Carmine Beauty Box Half Price" and follow the links!!!!!