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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Newspaper Nails...


I've seen this trend going around for a while, and i LOVE experimenting with my nails (can do a nail collection if you like?!) but as i'm a nurse, I'm not aloud polish/art for work so i do all my nail stuff on days off.... 

So i've been debating on this Newpsaper nail trend for AGES and THIS over on DollyBowBow's blog made me decide to give it a go.

So, if you want to do it youll need to following;

Nail polish remover and cotton pads to make sure you have a clean nail, a small amount of either rubbing  alcohol or vodka (i used vodka), a colored base (i had trouble, but will explain later!!) a lighter color works better, a clear top coat (no idea why mine has come up yellow on camera - its clear :s), a nail buffer for a smooth surface and some clippings of newspaper print.

Here is the amount of vodka i used...

Now, for the base coat ... This one is my FAVOURITE nail polish of ALL TIME!!!! Its the perfect nude for me, and its be Missguided and its in the shade Misscelaneous , i'm pretty sure I had it free either with amagazine or for one of those Diet Coke deals that are sometimes on, but anyway it's PERFECT for everyday, LOVE IT! So i thought it would be a great base for the newspaper to sit on .... WRONG!!
It ended up being too dark (?!) to see the print... so i took it all off and started again!!!!

So i ended up going with this one, by Avon its in Vintage Blue and is a great pale blue. 
All you need to do is apply two coats to clean nails and wait for them to completely dry (i waited about 30 mins to be sure)

Whilst i was waiting for my nails to completely dry, I cut up some strips of newspaper print ... 

... Now, I learned the hard way that you should really cut them as close to your nail size as possible as i ended up with print all over my fingers!!! (Also .. the print WILL go everywhere!!!)

So when your nails are dry ... you dip them (do one at a time) into the vodka so that your whole nail is wet .. then quickly press a piece of the newspaper onto your nail and HOLD IT STILL (or it will smudge!) make sure that all of the paper gets wet too (well, the bit you want transferred).

Hold it still for about 30 seconds and slowly peel off and you'll be left with the print on your nail (backwards!!) ... Apply a top coat and your good to go!!!

It should look like this ...

So yeah, there you have it!!!

Not perfect, but it was my first attempt, and I think its a really interesting look!!!

Do you have any cool or funky nail designs? Link below, i'd love to try them out!!!


  1. wow love this !! thanks for this post im looking forward to trying it :D <3

  2. Very unique and different,I'm liking it! :D


  3. Love the bottle of the misguided polish! Im going to hunt some of this sometime

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