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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lush Facemask Workshop ...

So, what did I do this weekend I hear you cry?!!!
Well i'll tell you!!!!

On Friday, me and the boy were walking around our local town center, and we popped into Waitrose and saw some Clipper Tea with a little sign around it saying "Free Lush Facemask" .... so the boy bought it for me, for less than £2.00 and off i popped to Lush, only to be told that I had to book a place online, but before I left the shop the staff told me that I would need about 2 hours free for the whole thing!!

So i popped home, and went to the Lush Website to book my appointment .... 9:30am on the following day ...

Here's a quick picture of my eye make up for the workshop ... 

(Clinique Plum Seduction quad used - Lightest silver all over lid, dark taupe shade in crease, then winged MUA liquid and clinique high impact mascara ....)

Onto the workshop ...  (i'll do some click through links to everything used so the post isn't too long)

I arrived at 9:25 and we got straight into it!!!

There were three of us ladies, and two members of staff to look after us ...
We were initially told all about the history of the facemasks at lush, and all about the Catastrophe Cosmetic (which is the one we were doing!); we were then told all about the ingredients in Catastrophe Cosmetic (and we got to play with them all and try all the different oils on our hands etc!!) ... then we got into it!!!
We mixed all the powders and oils and fresh blueberries together and smooshed them all around until it formed a proper mask ... but we didn't put it on yet!!!!

No siree... we were given facials!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Started with a 5 min massage with the Ultrabland Cleanser which took off any make up and stuff, after that they used some toner on us(which was specially selected for my skin type) - they chose the Breath Of Fresh Air, this bit was on some cotton pads and the rubbed them over our faces for about 5 mins.
Straight after that, they brought over some little bowls of streaming water, and for me they popped in a Moon And Sun steamer tab, which was like a mini ballistic that, with the steam of the water let out oil and scents (like one of those facial steamer thingies) ...my one was SO nice (click through that link to see what was in it!!)
Just before using the face mask, we were given another face massage (about 10 mins) using the Full Of Grace facial serum bar ... this bit felt SO good, and really relaxing.

After this we got to use the facemasks we'd made ... here's one of the lovely ladies putting mine on for me ...

While waiting for the face masks to set (about 10 mins) we were given some clipper green tea, in the cutest china cups and we chatted away ...

After the face masks were taken off, i thought we were done but we were also give some of the color supplements (like tinted moisturisers) to try out which i found really nice, and also some of the tints to try out which were also gorgeous!!

Before we left, we were given a little goody bag with the latest Lush Times paper, a big pot full of cotton pads soaked with the toner they'd used and a big pot (bigger than the usual ones!) of the facemask that we'd made.

All in all, i bloody brilliant morning with the Lush gang, and my skin feels SO good and healthy ... i was even told that my skin was "glowing" which made my day, as i've never ever been told that before!!!!

.... Obviously whilst I was there, i had to get some treats ... so i'll feature those in a haul later on... 

Thanks for reading guys!!!!


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  1. Sounds like a fab experience! Do you know how much it would cost if you had a pay Bretters? xx