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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Little update!!!!!!

Hi everyone!!!

So, i've had a bit of a mixed week if im honest ... 

First, on Monday I was in a car crash (me and mum; we're ok, just got a poorly car now!!)  and then on Tuesday i went to an interview, but when I got there they told me that they'd invited all of the Mental Health Nurses (me!!) on the wrong day ... so frustrating!!!

Then today was the best!!!!

I got a phone call the other day about a job that i actually interviewed for back in October for a Mental Health Rehabilitation unit in the private sector ... i got the job, but due to certain circumstances, I wasn't able to take up the offer....

So basically, I got a call from the this week asking me to pop in to speak to one of the managers..

So, curiously I went ... and it turns out THEY LOVE ME!!! So much so, they offered me a permanent job ... without a second interview or anything!!!!!!! I'm SO unbelievably happy about it all ... 

Also ... one of my local Superdrugs has started selling Sleek!!! May have to treat myself to something from them tomorrow ... after all ... i'm a full time employed staff nurse now, didn't ya know?!!!1

As always ... Thanks for reading!!!


  1. wow, you've had a lot going on! glad you and your mum are OK from car accident and yay the job offer! Kudos to you ;)

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  2. lovely post <3

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