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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

January 'Not So' favorite products ....

Hi everyone ... After my January Favorites, I thought i'd put up a post on my my January not so favorite products ... Im going to be honest about these products, so here goes!!!

(Yes im aware there is a pasted picture on here!!! Its because I used it before i remembered to take a picture!!)
Anyway ... From L-R; Beauty UK perfect matt foundation, Samy Fat Hair hairspray, Lush Rose Queen bath ballistic then the 'Hot Looks' nail polish range from collection 2000, natural collection mascara and 2 true eyeshadow.

Right first thing is the Perfect Matt foundation from budget brand Beauty UK ... 

This particular brand is only available at Superdrug stores and i've checked online and it's not stocked, i think you can only buy it instore (for around £3.00 for the pictured tube). First thing is it only comes in 4 shades (light, natural (pictured), dark and darkest). Now im not light skinned, and im certainly not dark.. so i opted for the natural as it looks similar to my face in the tube.... This is NOT a natural color! As you can see by my swatch on my hand, this is very dark and unless your going to put the foundation right down your neck, your going to be left with a very obvious tideline. Second is the texture ... not liquid, more of a moose like feel, but not nice ... like a moose without air, very strange. Its also certainly NOT matt, its the shiniest thing i've ever put on my face!!! Last is that it doesnt cover a thing on my face ... i may aswell have rubbed water into my face!! Your face doesnt look covered it just looks the same, but then you get the line of colour around your jaw ... very strange, and VERY disappointed.

Next up is the Samy Fat Hair hairspray ..

This claims to be a "0" calorie amplifying hair spray. It retails at £7.00 at most super drug and boots stores, but i got mine for £1.50 as it had a missing lid ... BARGAIN i thought... Wrong!!!! Firstly its got such a strong smell, a proper hairspray smell that takes your breath away a bit. Secondly ...this is bloody awful hairspray!! Its got a good hold ... but only, i assume because it sprays your hair with concrete! Its so thick, and makes your hair feel so sticky and hard, its horrible ... REALLY difficult to brush out aswell. The nozzle was also fully blocked up after about 3/4 uses. Verdict .... Useless!!

Next is Lush' newest bath ballistic, Rose Queen ... 
If you know me, then youll know that i LOVE lush stuff ... but this was a huge disappointment. It retails at £2.50 which is one of the cheaper ballistics. Its quite small (about the size of a tangerine) and fizzes away in about a minute, if that. So very quick. The smell ... "sweet rose garden" is what they say, but i say it smells very synthetic and a bit like old lady rose. Inside the ballistic are dried flowers and petals which come out of it as it fizzes. The demo video (on lush' youtube channel) looked fab, but in reality mine literally had little pieces of grass in it .. awful. Really irritated my skin, and had to get out after about 10 mins, horrible. Sorry lush!!

Next is the Hot Looks nails collection from Collection 2000 ... 

 These are little nail pots and costs about £1.79 each, which is really good value. The colors i bought (L-R) are Fruit Salad (really nice pastel coral), BMX bandit (pastel blue) and Dynasty (lovely pale lilac). There are tons of other colors available aswell. First of all, you need about 3 coats of this to go properly opaque, and it still ends up slightly streaky. Secondly is the fact that, I painted my nails at 4pm, and by half 8 on the same day id lost the tops of half of my nails and 3 full nails were gone ... Majoritively this literally peels off in one foul sweep. Not good. All in all, not good, but the colors are lovely!!

Next is the boots Natural Collection mascara ... 

I have a couple of problems with this one... here are some pictures of my eye ... 
The picture on the far left is my eye NAKED! Nothing on it whatsoever; the middle one is my eye with 4 COATS (!!!!!!!) of the mascara, then the one on the end is my eye after about an hour. 
As you can see... it's, basically crap. Doesn't lengthen, doesn't thicken; all it does it add some colour. As you can see by the last picture, after about an hour, i looked like i had about 4 eyelashes on my eye!!! They'd gone really clumpy and had smudged underneath. Not great to be honest. Available exclusively to Boots for £1.50.

Last but not least, 2 true eye shadows ...

Personally, i'm a big fan of the 2 true range. Its exclusive to Super Drug and has a constant deal on for £1.99 per product, or 3 products for just £5.00 (the lashes and nail varnishes are great!! They also do great Dupes for benetint and moonbeam). So im always buying stuff from there ... therefore, as a result I was a bit sad when the eyeshadow turned out to be rubbish!! Like I said, its £1.99 if you want this on it's own, or £5.00 for three ... This one is shade 12, and i got this as i love natural and brown shadows. WELL .. the cream one in this is high shimmer in the pan, but on my hand (its swatched under the brown) ... its literally invisible. Can't see a thing!! The brown on the other hand, swatches well, but has alot of shimmer and creases quite easily!!

So there you go !!! My 'Not-so' favourite January products!!!!

Have you got any tips on what things i should avoid?! Let me know!!

Also, let me know if you want any specific posts!!!

Thanks for reading!!


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    I have just done a post on samy 0 calories shampoo and conditioner, and then I've looked on your blog and you weren't impressed either! glad it wasn't just me!


    1. Haha!!Iv posted on yours saying near enough the same thing!! hahahaaa!!!
      Thanks for following me, i'm just starting, so don't have many posts yet.

      Really like your blog!! xx