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Friday, 24 February 2012

Amazing offers!!!

Hi everyone!!!

So ... got a couple of offers to share with you ....

1) ELF are offering FREE UK DELIVERY this weekend ONLY, enter BRITLOOKUK at the checkout to redeem it. You can get to the ELF website HERE.

2) On the MUA website, they currently have £1.00 off their amazing palettes .... meaning some of them are only £3.00!!!!!!!! (offer on until 13/03/2012). You can get them HERE.

3) Currently Clipper Tea and Lush are having a bit of a fling .... Go to tesco or waitrose and buy a pack of Clipper Tea (the ones with the LUSH tag on) which will cost you less than £2.00, and then go on the Lush website, enter the code thats on the bottom of the pack of tea and BAM ... free facemask and facemask making workshop... FREE!!! BOOM!!!!! I'm actually going to one in the morning, so will take pics and blog about it on Sunday :)

Thanks for reading!!!


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