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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January Favourite Products!

At the end of each month (or around that time!) i'm going to do a favourite products post where ill talk about my most used/loved beauty things from that month (several products) ... I'll try to switch the products each month so your not reading the same things!!

so here are January, 2012's most loved products...

I'll start with L-R ...

Soap and Glory 'Pulp Friction' body scrub ..

This one is bloody great!!! I use it about twice a week and it leave my skin feeling so smooth! Its not like a normal sugar scrub as its not oily or scratchy. It foams a bit and has little bits of pumice as the base! Its also got a lovely fig/lemon smell which will liner on your skin! This costs £8.00 for a 250ml bottle (pictured) and you can get it from Boots or direct from the site.

Next up is the ELF matte top coat nail varnish ...

This only cost me £1.00 from ELF, so i wasnt really sure what i expect!! But iv got to say, i am impressed!!!It basically takes away the shine from your nail varnish and makes them look matte (almost a pearlescent finish). Dries quickly too!! Get it (and others) from www.eyeslipsface.co.uk

Next up is Lush' Porridge body soap ...

If youv got dry skin like me, then this will be your best friend!!!! Its a body soap, from Lush and costs £2.95 per 100g (which is about a quarter bigger than the one pictured). I got mine 2 months ago, use it about 3 times a week with one of those funny puff things for the shower and its only just starting to show signs of getting smaller!! Its made from all things oatey and a bit of cocoa for good measure ... it means that its creamy and smells divine (kind of like palmers cocoa butter, but a more intense smell!). Lathers up really well, and i sometimes dont have to moisturise after using it!! Brilliant!!

Next up is the ELF powder brush ... 

Before anyone says anything ... i know its for powder, but i dont use it for that!! Alot of blogs iv read use this to buff in liquid foundation ... and i love make up brushes so thought i'd give it a try! It costs £3.50 from the ELF studio range, and for that price I wasnt expecting much. Its actually really dense, and doesnt shed too much which it a bonus! It isnt scratchy, and actually does a really good job of blending the foundation in. Just dab it around your face, and use the brush to 'buff' in. Great stuff!!

Next is the Love ETC body butter from The Body Shop ... 

Now, as you know ... if i can get things cheaper, i will!!! I wouldnt have usually bought this as its retail it £12.50 for a 200ml pot, which i consider to be expensive ... BUT .... a couple of months back, Marie Claire magazine had a free "Love Your Body" body shop gift card which could have anything from £1 to £100 on it. So i went in to find out ... and it had £14 on it!!! I was chuffed!!!! So i thought id treat myself to a nice moisturiser ..This one smells of Vanilla, Jasmine and Sandlewood, and its really thick and luxurious. The smell REALLY stays on your skin, and it smells like your wearing perfume!! Really great ... A bit expensive, but if you dont mind the price, then go for it!!

Next is some Morrisons hair spray ... 

Dont laugh!!!! This huge 300ml can cost me 79p from Morrisons. I thought it would be rubbish, but its actually quite good!!! I got mine in natural hold, and it does exactly that ... not sticky, doesnt make your hair hard and hold for a couple of hours. Perfect for under roots to add volume!!

Last but not least is my fav thing this month ... The ELF pro mini studio palette ...

I've wanted a good palette for AGES, but i simply refuse to pay £30 for one (MAC/Urban Decay and Sleek, i'm talking to you!!!). So when i found this, i just had to snap it up!!

The best bit about this is that is only cost £3.75!!!!!!!!! Its got 32 eye shadows ranging from white to black, going through champagnes, nudes, browns and greys on the way! Its also got a mixture of matte and shimmer. They all swatch REALLY well and blend really well (camera ran out of battery before i could take a picture). It comes with a little double sided applicator, but i dont use those as i find them fiddly i just use brushes instead. It also has a good quality mirror in the top.
This is a REALLY good quality palette, and they come in all sorts of color variations and sizes (Ranging from this one up to about £12, and 4 pieces up to 132 pieces!!) So i cant recommend ELF highly enough ...
I might even do a review of 'Elf' in general (what do you think?!)
Also let me know if you know of any good, but affordable make up palettes ... i'd love to try some more!


Here is my 'Want' list for February 2012 ...

- MUA professional eye palette in Heaven and Earth (costs only £4.00... DEFO getting it!!)
- MUA professional eye shadow trio in Pink Sorbet (costs £2.50)
- MUA Matte single eye shoadow in Shade 17 (only £1.00!!!)
- MUA lipstick in Shade 5 (only £1.00!!!)
- Lush Fizzbanger bath ballistic (£3.15)
- Lush Rose Jam bubble bar (£3.95)
- A new foundation (suggestions please!!)

Also, iv asked if my boyfriend will get me the 'Lots of Love' gift set from Lush for valentines!!!!! *Finger crossed*
Thanks for reading guys!!!!

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