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Monday, 30 July 2012

Quick Update and Massive bargain!!!!!

Hi everyone ... i know i know, im a terrible blogger!!!!!!

I've settled into my job now though, hopefully i'll be back on the scene!!!

I wanted to tell you about this marvelous bargain iv stumbled across!!!

Whilst in my local 'Poundland' today getting hayfever tablets, i thought id look at their makeup ...
and low and behold....

STILA WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!

Tinted moisturisers, 4pan compacts, sponges, mascara ..... all for £1.00 each!!

Get yourselves there!!!

Speak to you all very soon!!!!!

Thursday, 31 May 2012

My first blog awards !!!!!

Mega Blogger Awards

So again, apologies for it being like a month between blog posts, I'm just getting so caught up in life recently. So was tagged in this by the lovely Rayy from prettylittlerayy on her blog. 

The Versatile Blogger Award - 7 Random Facts About Me
  1. I'm a psychiatric nurse, and i LOVE my job <3
    Im a dancer/singer/actress
    I've been with my boyfriend for ages, and he is my best friend
  2. I drink too much tea
  3. I'm obsessed with candles
  4. I have to sleep with the window open, even if its freezing!
  5. I'm naturally blonde!

The Liebster Award - Tag People With Less Than 200 Followers

For this award, you have to tag blogs who have less than 200 followers. I'm more than happy for the people that I tag down below to do this themselves as it's nice to include other peoples.

The Blogger Appreciate Award - 4 Blog Related Questions

  1. How long have you been blogging? 
    Around November 2011
  2. What are two reasons you started blogging?
    Something to do in my spare time :)
  3. What kind of blogs do you like to follow/read?
    I love blogs that review, haul and swatch but I'm not keen on fashion blogs that do OOTD's etc.
  4. What is the one thing you would like to improve on your blog/as a blogger?
    Taking the time to post more!

    The Kreativ Blogger Award - 7 Random Thoughts About Me
    This is exactly like the Versatile Award but with seven completely different things.
    1. I suffer with migraines .. booo
    2. I love listening to the rain
    3. I want more tattoos ..may get anew one soon!
    4. Fav colour is blue
    5. I wear an eternity ring <3
    6. I love playing GOW on xbox
    7. I love to make lists

     11 Questions as chosen by Rayy
    1. What is your favourite chocolate bar and why?
    It would have to be ... Aero! Love it!

    1. If you won £5,000,000 on the lottery, what would you do with it all?
    House, Mouse, Spouse <3

    1. If you could, would you be the opposite sex for the day and what would you get up to?
    God knows!!!! Go to the toilet standing up ..... :s 

    1. If you could change absolutely anything about yourself, what would you change and why?
    oh gosh!!! I'm not sure ya know ... something in my personality probs

    1. Who are your role model/s?
    Mummy and Daddy

    1. Jersey Shore or Geordie Shore?

    1. What is your favourite kind of music i.e. classical/pop/punk?

    1. What is the story behind your blogname?
    Everyone calls me Bretters .... i love beauty!!!

    1. Do you have a favourite all time beauty product? If so, what is it?
      Let me come back to ya ....

    1. Is there anything that you have regretted doing? What is it?
      Not getting maths GCSE

    1. Are you more of a cat person or more of a dog person?

    Thanksyou SOmuch to Rayy for giving me these awards :)

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Most recent empties ....

Hey everyone!!!
So here I am, with my most recent "Empties" post ...

First up is all of the hair care stuff...

- Morrisions hair spray (79p) - this is actually brilliant!!! One of the best hairsprays i've ever used!!!
- Herbal Essences Ignite My Color Mask (£2.99) - Brilliant, smells like roses!! Don't know if it did anything for my color, but it made my hair very soft!!
- Mini Burts Bees Shine Shampoo/Conditioner (Free) - Smell terrible, and made my hair dry. Won't be repurchasing!!!
- Alberto Balsam Strawberry & Cream Shampoo/Conditioner (£1.00 each) - LOVE the smell, and makes me hair SO soft!!
- Herbal Essences Breakage Defender Conditioner (£1) - very nice .... but a bit bleh.
- Superdrug Chocolate Brownie dry shampoo (around 99p) - This is BRILLIANT!! It's and absolute life saver when my roots need doing, as it takes away the grease, and masks the root growth!! This is about my 8th cab of the stuff!!!

Next up, body/shower stuff ...

- Soap and Glory Pulp Friction scrub (around £8.99) - brilliant!!! LOVE this stuff, foamy and scruby!!!
- SAMPLE Vaseline Sheer Infusion moisturiser - Meh!
- Small Dove Deoderant (99p) - again ...meh!!!
- Palmers Cocoa Butter hand cream (£2.50)- very good, but im SURE its the same as the body one, just in a small tube!! ahha!!
- SAMPLE Rose Argon Lush stuff - Brilliant, bought a full pot since!!!
- Full size Dove deorderant (£1.99) - Fav deo!! Love it!!!
- Boots Vanilla Body Mist (£1.99) - this is about my 5th of this, LOVE it!!!
- Palmers Cocoa Butter body moisturiser (£2.99) - LOVE!
- Sure deo (£1.99) - meh. didnt like it!
- SAMPLE Burts Bees Radience body scrub (FREE) - Funny sort of musky smell, yucky.

Last is the random stuff...

- Body Shop Tea Tree Toner Sample size (£1.99) - VERY good, and iv since bought the full size!
- Body Shop Seaweed Toner Sample size (£1.99) - not as good, tbh. Smelt funny!!
- Burts Bees Peach and Willowbark face scrub (FREE)- /Love this stuff, but full size is like £10.
- Body Shop Seaweed Face Wash (£1.99) - LOVE this!!!! Will be buying full size soon, matyfies like nothing before!!
- Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash (£1.99) - Meh. A bit strong for my face, but its ok.
- Garnier Rose Cleansing Lotion (£3.99) - VERY good. Iv bought the green one since, i prefer lotion cleaners as it's softer.
- (Back to left!) SAMPLES of Mary Kay hand scrub  - Meh.
- Little tube of eyelash glue.
- Avon Super Shock Mascara (£6.99) - FAV mascara by a mile, iv got a stash of thee unopenned of these ready!!!
- SAMPLE Vera Wang Princess - Lovely feminine fragranc!
- Maybelline Dream Matte Powder(around £8) -leaves a very powdery finish on my face, a bit cakey too.
- Natural Collection pressed powder (£1.99) - BRILLIANT! got 2 of these waiting!!!

So there ya go ... got through a lot this month!!!!

Thanks for reading ...

Thursday, 3 May 2012

My Current Lush Stash!

It's no secret that i'm a huge Lush Lover!!!!
I admit it ... i'm slightly obsessed!!!!
So much so, that my local Lush staff call me "One of them" ha!

Anyway ... i suddenly realised the other day that HORROR .... i had NO lush stuff.... at all....
Eager to rectify it, i ran out and bought myself some more stuff ...

This isn't going to be a "review all my lush stuff" post and it's also not a "look at what i've got" post ...if you want reviews on anything mentioned, let me know!!

First i'll show you how i store it all.. not very exciting ....

... It's literally all kept in a box i received an online order in. Ha!!!
If anyone else has any tips for me, let me know!!

Right .... First i'll show you my Soaps collection ...

Once i'v opened my soaps, i wrap them in clingfilm ..

(L-R) Candy Cane soap -Left over from xmas, but i love the smell!!
         Retro Milko soap - Smells just like marzipan!!!
         Porridge soap - My fav Lush soap by far. SO moisturising and creamy, and the smell!! Wow <3
         Karma Komba Shampoo Bar - To be honest i'm keeping this for when im travelling. It's very         good but not for long term, every day use.
         Snow Cake soap - Again from Xmas.
         Brand new Porridge slab!! Cant wait!! hahaha!!

Next i'll talk about my bath bomb/bubble bar collection ...

(Top row, L-R) 
Dorothy Bubble Bar - Such a nice relaxing smell, and it makes the water such a nice color!
Half a Hot Milk bubble bar - From the retro range, smells very Clean.
Space Girl bath bomb - Smells like parma violets! I always buy some of these!!
Think Pink bath bomb - Another cheap one i usually have a few of, smells very sweet and floral.
(Bottom row, L-R)
Candy Cane bubble bar - Smells like Snow Fairy (bubblegummy) and filled with big slathers of cocoa butter which make the water so soft!!
Ickle Robet bath bomb - Good for bed time as its lavendery and relaxing!
Pop In The Bath bubble bar - Fav bubble bar by a mile. Such a nice clean fresh smell.

Lastly is everything else, mainly potted stuff ...

The first pot with no label on is a pot of the Catastrophe Cosmetic facemask which was made by MY FAIR HANDS!!!!!! At a facemask workshop (blog post on that can be found here if your interested!) Anyway, its very good and can make my skin feel REALLY clean!!
Next along is the Ayesha face mask, which is meant for older ladies but it really shrinks your pores so i use it for that (Thanks Tez!!!).
The last face mask i own is the Oatifix one which smells SO good, and really moisturises my face; this worked wonders ad kept my skin look human over winter!!!

Then at the top there is the Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, which smells like Rose Jam. My boyfriend bought me this <3
Then i've got a little bit of the Jilted Elf shower jelly left over from Xmas;
Lastly i'v got the Turkish Delight shower Smoothie - I've used this once, and so far so good!!

As i said, if you want full detailed reviews on any of the products mentioned, let me know and i'll be happy to!!

As always, thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My "Lip" collection ...

Hi everyone ...

So i recently decided to have a look at my make up collection, and MY do i have a lot!!!

I thought i'd do a series, starting off with my "Lip Stuff".

I honestly never considered myself to be a lip colour kinda gal, but in doing this post iv realised that boy was i wrong!!!

First up, my lip glosses ...

1) Rimmel Vinyl Carat gloss in 250 Razzle Dazzle
2) Jemma Kidd Make Up School gloss in Coral
3) Barry M LTD ED gloss in Toffee
4) Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker gloss in Candy Gloss
5) Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker gloss in Toffee Apple
6) Avon Twist and Glide gloss in Pink
7) Avon Twist and Glide gloss in Coral
8) No7 Liplicious gloss in Marshmallow
9) 2True gloss in No8
10) MUA gloss in Shade 4
11) Burt's Bees Lipshimmer in Watermelon
12) Burt's Bees lipshimmer in Rhubarb
13) Elf plumping lipgloss in Natural
14) Rimmell Sweet Jelly clear gloss in Gourmet

The best of the bunch is both the Burt's Bees ones, and the worst is the Jemma Kidd; It's SO sticky!!

Next up in Lipsticks...

1) Avon glimmersticks in Pink Glimmer
2) Avon glimmersticks in Kiss Of Pink
3) Loreal Glam Shine in 215
4) 17 Lasting Fix in Dusky Rose
5) Collection 2000 Volume Boost in Blossom
6) MUA in shade 9;Bare
7) 2True in No5
8) Avon Moisture Boost in Red Kiss
9) Rimmell Pro Wear in 230
10) Natural Collection Moisture Shine in Fig Leaf
11) Avon Colour Trend Liner in no3
12) Avon Glimmersticks liner in Red

My fav of these is either the Avon Glimmersticks in Pink Glimmer or the MUA one, and the worst is the Collection 2000 one, its horrid!

Finally, is the lipbalms i own ... nobody needs this many!


Rose & Co, Rose Petal Salve

Soap and Glory, A Great Kisser Peachy Balm

Little Pink Tin

Creme Brulee Vaseline

Vaseline Rose Lips

Cath Kidston Cherry Blosson

Lush Mint Julips Scrub

Vaseline Cocoa Butter stick

Boots Strawberry Lipsalve

My fav balm is as an all rounder is the rose and co one as i can use it everywhere; the mint julips is brilliant, and the soap and glory one is delicious!!!! Im not keen on the little pink tin as it's a bit greasy!


Think i'm going to have to do the 'Project Pan' and aim it directly at my lipstuff soon!!! hahahaa!!!

As always, thanks for reading ..


My Hair History ...

Hi everyone!!!!

I've seen this taggy thing going around the blog world for a while now and, as you'll see i've had a very interesting hair history so thought i'd show you all!!!!!

Here goes...

1 - Aged 1 and all natural and blonde!
2 - Aged 7, still natural and blonde but getting darker!!!
3 - Aged 14, a bit darker and cut into a weird bob.
4 - Aged 15 a grown out bob with blonde highlights!

5 - Aged 16 and having discovered the bleech!!!
6 - Aged 18, in a musical and having found the purple hair dye! Thats not the first time youll see a fringe!!!
7 - Aged 18 still, but i've fallen back in love with the bleech, this time i'm platinum!
8 - Aged 19 and you can see how badly damaged my hair was, still bleeching every 4 weeks!!
9 - About 4 months after the previous photo, so still 19, but iv had a nice side fringe and bob with a lovely colour (i wanna be this colour again!!)

10 - Aged 19, only about 6 months after last pic, fringe is back and a lovely honey blonde had arrived!!
11 - Aged 20 - The bleech is creeping it's way back into my life!!!
12 - Aged 20 again, and the bleech is totally back!!!!!! White and the fringe has grown back!!!!
13 - Aged 21 - White with black and blue under my fringe, this marks the start of a colour phase ... Get ready!!!

14 - Aged 21 - Pink and white...
15 - Aged 21, Turqoise and white...
16 - Aged 21 fluro pink
17 - Aged 21 back to the bleech!!!

All of those are abut a month if not less apart!!!!!

18 - This is where the lovely Rhian took control ... Aged 22 and it's all been chopped off!!!
19 - Abut 4 months later, its a bit lighter, but still short!
20 - Aged 22 still and its abit shorter and some red has arrived!!
21 - Aged 22 again and i've decided to grow it all out... and dye it dark.

22 - Only just tuned 23 and my hair has grown out and the fringe is back!!
23 - Grown the fringe out still aged 23, getting bored of the colour so got some red put into it!
24 - Almost 24 and my hair in all its natural style glory; wavy! Still dark and getting to a length where i like it!!!
25 - This was about 2 days ago, aged24. Hair still dark and the longest its been for about 5 years!!!

And this is me now!!! I had this hair cut yesterday, thanks to Rhian! I've now got some nice layers and a  lovely side sweeping fringe!

The colour is still darker than i'd like, and i want to be back to the same colour as picture 9 or 19.

You can see that it's so much healthier and shiny now than it's ever been!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Ojon Hair Care - MEGA DEAL ALERT!!!!

Hi everyone, just a quick one ...

I've been wanting to try cult hair dare brand Ojon for a Long time, but I find that £20 for one bottle of shampoo is a bit expensive ...

Fear no more!!

Pop on over to the Ojon UK Website and buy ANYTHING on the website for £20 and then enter the code VOLUME at the checkout and they will give you a FULL SIZED bottle of the new volume shampoo AND a FULL sized bottle of the volume conditioner.... FOR FREE!!!!

Thats £32.00 worth of stuff ... FREE!!!

If that wasnt enough, you also get two 8ml sample sachets of your choice .... and free delivery!!!

Scootch on over and treat yourself ... i just spent £20 and for 5 products ..... BARGAIN!!!!

Thanks for reading ...

Monday, 30 April 2012

April Favorites...

Hi everyone!!!!
So i come bearing favorites of the April variety!
I wont blabber on; so here goes!!

-Burts Bees body lotion
- The Body Shop tea tree oil
- MUA heaven and earth palette
- Real Techniques buffing brush
- M&S Dreamy Days perfume
- Avon Flawless Finish foundation
- Lush Mint Julips lip scrub

First, i'll talk about the Burts Bee's lotion ...

I always try and go for Burts Bees lotions as the texture works really well for my exzcema. They cost around £10, and i usually buy the Milk and Honey one in the sale for half off! But not this time!!! I went along to the Burt's Bees website with debit card in hand, added it to my basket as usual but decided to have a peruse of the website before checking out; BOY am i glad i did!!!
I came across this beauty; basically it's a "Grab Bag". You pay £20 for a random selection of products worth £55. The website says that the bag contains 12 items, four of which are full sized and one of those gauranteed to be the milk and honey lotion as well as an assortment of minitures and special gifts. I was sold!!!!!!!!
I placed my order and was SO happy when it arrived, i gt tons of stuff (comment if you want a full review); as promised one of the full sized products was the milk and honey but the one of the others was this version.... the Orange Wax and Honey scent. It so thick initially, but when it gets rubbed in it turns into a film which is so nice, and the scent REALLY stays on your skin. I think i'll defo be getting another of these .... i recommend you go to Burt's Bees and pick up one of those Grab Bags as they are BRILLIANT!!!

Next up is the Tree Tree Oil...

Iv been suffering with spots for ages and tried countless remedies. So i popped along to the Body Shop and bought this!!! It cost £6.50 and it's a really thick oil which you just dab onto the spots.... and i'v got to say i'm impressed!!! It's really helped with the redness and the healing time of my spots. You can buy it here  and i'd really recommend it if your struggling with spots.

Next i'll talk about the Real Techniques Buffing Brush ...

I've wanted some RT brushes for a while, and i recently bit the bullet and bought the Core Collection from Boots and this is my favorite brush from the set. I admit i did think it was going to be bigger; but it is big enough. its flat and dense and buffs everything from powder to liquid to mouse to cream. I also happen to love the big thick handle!! The only downside is that you can;t buy this brush on it's own, only as part of the core collection, which you can buy here for £21.99, i love 3 of the brushes in the set so i think it's worth it if i'm honest. If you want my full opinions of the set, just leave me a comment and let me know!!

Next is the M&S perfume ...

This is the 'Dreamy Days' one and its the middle size, not tiny and not massive; just right or throwing in your bag for a day. It cost me £6.00 and it smells SO GOOD!!!! It's quite like the original DKNY be delicious scent... very sweet but not overpowering and its very long lasting!!

Lush' lip scrub is up next ...

I've been putting buying this off for ages, god knows why ... but i finally bought it and it's changed my life!!! haha!!! It costs £4.95 and is basically a pot of sugar and oils that tastes like an after eight mint and its worked wonders!!! I use it every morning and every night, and my lips are so much smoother now.  You just dab your finger in the pot, rub it on your lips and rub them together then you can lick off the sugar as its edible!! It's brilliant!!!
Buy it here ... NOW!!!

This MUA palette is next ...

This palette is talked about all over the blogging land ... so i won't harp on. But i will say a few things...

- it's SO pigmented, just look at my hand with the swatches!!!

- i've got the most use out of the off white in the top left corner... not as an eyeshadow, but as a cheek/brow bone and inner corner highlight. Really!!

The best bit is that you can buy it here for ..... get ready....



Last thing is the foundation...

I think i may have finally found the perfect foundation!!! And from little old Avon ... who'da thought it!!!

This little beauty costs £12.00 from here and its a medium to full coverage which is buildable and mine lasts me through a 12 hour shift in a hospital ward, so its goooooooooooood!!!!

As always, if you want full reviews of anything iv mentioned, let me know!!

Thanks for reading ...

April Empties ...

Hi everyone!!!
Heres my empties for the month of April ...

First is random stuff!!

Lotsa deoderants i know!! hahahahaa ... iv got a BAD habit of buying new ones and leaving the last bit in the previous one.

Also, my fav dry shampoo is that one from Super Drug in the shade Chocolate Brownie, smells dead nice and does the job!!! Cheap too ... i always repurchase!
Flying Fox Shower gel from Lush ... SO NICE!!!!! But that little bottle cost me £4.50 so not sure if i can justify it again.
The scrub is from The Body Shop and it's the chocomania one very nice but again very expensive and didn't last very long.
Last is a little sample of the Ro's Argan Body Conditioner from Lush ... used and bought a full size!!!

Just three make up things this month ... two liquid liners; one from MUA and one by Barry M. Neither particularly wonderful so wouldnt buy again.
And the middle was a blush and highlight combo from avons 24 carat range; the highlight was a gorgeous pearly color but the blush was like a purple and i really didn't like it. Yuck!

Anyway, short but sweet ...
Keep your eye out for more posts as i'm off for a week and a half now!!

Thanks for reading!!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Review - Lush 'Fairy Jasmine' bath bomb....

Well i've not been here for a while, but i'm back!!!!
And with a review, none the less!!!!!

Lush' Fairy Jasmine Bath bomb, from the Retro range (you can buy it here for £3.95)

Its a big one (about the size of Twilight, or a large orange) ... its a lovely off white/pinky color that my camera has failed to pick up. It's also got some light irridescent pinky/blue glitter on the top.
It smells of, surprise.... jasmine!! But its also got a coconutty undertone which is very relaxing.

I dropped it into the bath thinking it was gunna be lovely... but THIS is what happened ...

.... Literally MASSIVE globs of glitter, everywhere.

Which, if your louise from Spinkle Of Glitter is all well and good, but me? Not so much.

I got out of the bath looking like a glitter ball...

It was awful!!!

To the point where it was itching my skin, so i got out of the bath to be left with this ...


And to top it off... it fizzed for less than a minute and was gone.

It did nothing to the bath water apart make it look bloody ridiculous and itchy.


Lush, you have done me wrong!
Thanks for reading...